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This is a society with female members. A member lives by the following rules. She is free thinking, true to herself, self-assured, self-preserving, passionate, independent, confident and successful. She works hard for what she gains and knows what she wants in her life. She stands up for herself and those she loves. She faces life’s challenges with a smile and will speak her mind even if it’s a disagreement with the majority. She is self-achieving and often sacrifices in order to give to others. Do not be fooled though, she will not tolerate foolishness and is not easily intimidated. She knows how to have fun but can kick ass when needed. She is clever and knows to keep her friends close but her enemies closer. She can easily bring the best out in anyone and her excitement for living life is contagious. A Crazy Bitch can laugh at herself and loves to motivate others to see the best in all situations. Most Crazy Bitch Society members have learned to OWN IT because there is a little bit of Crazy Bitch in all of us ladies.
She is proud to be a member of the Crazy Bitch Society!
by Pres-i-Bitch May 25, 2011
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