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Like a bachelor's pad (a place where a man lives his bachelor lifestyle and only other bachelor's inhabit), the crash pad is a place that a person uses only to sleep. They are usually either busy or simply detest their domicile to such a degree that they will only deign to return when they simply must sleep.
Jason isn't home much. He pretty much uses the place as a crash pad.
by JustMe23 February 04, 2010
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You can have them bimbos,
I'll keep my women like Flo Jo
by Pdough May 15, 2006
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Slang used to name location where drug addicts can get high undisturbed.
The house is now a crash pad for neighborhood junkies.
by Asya Sotirova November 08, 2007
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A crash pad is the back of a hippie or a stoners van where they hit bongs with friends and they have a good time, this may be a VW ore a transit with a mattress in the back and a lava lamp.
stoner: lets go get stoned off our face in your crash pad

hippie: ye man

stoner: wow I'm floating

hippie: wow this is far out lets pop some pills
by farouthippiestoner August 23, 2009
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A place where an airline flight crew stays when they are not in base. This is usually a small group of flight attendants or pilots.

When in a pilot crash pad, there is nothing but partying and having a good time. Everyone in a pilot crash pad is usually laid back and gets along. In a flight attendant crash pad, there is more drama than a bus load of drag queens on their way to a wig sale. This place can be hostile with screaming and yelling following by the occasional fight. A scandal of some type happens at the flight attendant crash pad. Rarely does anyone get along in this pad.
Where's Holly off to tonight?

She has an early report time in the morning so she's heading to her crash pad.
by Gert Barr April 20, 2021
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