the act of jerking (cranking) a males penis (soulja boy).
Girl 1: What do i do??
Girl 2: Girl crank that soulja boy!
Girl 1: what if it’s small?
by i<3bigcocksinmyass42069420 April 16, 2020
(vulgar, slang) An extremely painful ejaculation.
Mark was in the school bathroom. He didn't feel so good so he gained a crank that Soulja Boy and had to eject semen out of his fluids so bad it hit two teachers in the face.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 January 9, 2022
Crank on some Code, Drink alcohol while doing it. Typically for the purpose of furthering a business.
We really need to consolidate the databases. Looking forward to Crank 'n' Drank when we have the time to do it!
by tgfoot February 23, 2015
The dump you take when you are thrown off schedule by travel. You feel it build all day, but you can't go until you relax at your destination.
I shouldnt have had airport Chili's, I'll have to travel crank as soon as we get to the hotel.
by Step mom Salad February 5, 2019