crank that bitch then supamanthat ho
by ejg1714 October 16, 2007
A term originated from the music industry to command an individual to "turn up the volume.
Joseph: Hey man this show is going great!
Scott: Yea man but you really need to Crank it on this next song.
Joseph: Sure thing Scott!
by lyfesvrbby May 23, 2008
someone who is a bit of a twat or annoying you
"shut up you crank"
" your boyfrind is a fucking crank"
by jogonjon February 12, 2009
the worst song and the worst singer (soulja boy) in the history of music that sucks so bad that i question the fact that this song excists or it is an illusion of satan. in 5 years it will probably be as remembered as much the song informer by snow. youve never heard of that song?
Person A: Did you hear that new comedy song crank that ? Its so funny! I love it!

Person B: Thats an actual rap CD

Person A: I have lost all faith in the world
by hulio December 22, 2007
A person who is heavily involved/intrest in the fire brigade.
by Crank23 May 21, 2019
A cheap form of meth made in trailer kitchens. often causes gritting of teeth, assholeyness, destruction, inability to pay bills, romantic relationships with ones aids infected cousin, and finally complete retardation.
1. Grary nd' nikole loves they crank.

2. The more CRNK I snort the mores i become the hulk.
by the magical muffin September 11, 2004
to turn the volume of your sound system up real loud
"I love to crank up Metallica and watch the furniture fall apart!"
by Paulie January 7, 2004