(1) Going out and having a big night, usually involving the heavy consumption of alcohol and/or illicit substances. Possibly originating from surfer boy slang. Used heavily in New Zealand.Synonomous with Raging.

(2)Using/Doing/Going to
(1) You cranking tonight? You should cos the girls are going out , and they've got this fit Argentine mate with massive cans

(2) You cranking that party/the rugby/that top
by Andy721 May 29, 2006
Crying and wanking at the same time.
Cranker; a person who cries and wanks simultaneously because the object of the wank either hates them or doesn't know they exist. Can be male or female.
'Yeah John's so in love with Jane and she doesn't want him so he cranks over her all the time.'
'We walked in on her cranking it was the most pathetic thing ever.'
by joanneandellen December 11, 2010
To be simultaneously engaged in the act of crying and wanking.
Upon realising that his friend would not be visiting him, Jack was unable to help himself from a day of heavy cranking.
by CortaEsaCiudad March 2, 2015
The act of flirting with several girls at once.
Guy1: hey look at that dude cranking all those girls over there.
Guy 2: he is a god
by B2bantamgod August 17, 2013
To engage in dance with companions.
My friends and I were cranking in their car the other day to some Chief Keef.
by Maztotheula April 29, 2015
To complete an assignment on it's due date. Often results in rushed or sub-par work. Cranking is often preformed on a bus, in a car, or in the hours of 4am-6am in the comfort of your own home.
Student A- "I was in a major state of cranking this morning, but I got those Brute questions done like nothing."

Student B- "You think that's impressive? I cranked out a degree while away on a golf meet."

Student A- "Yeah, but did you study for that math test?"

Student B- "Oh GOD. Didn't even sniff it."
by b1 mIRACLE December 1, 2017
1. spank it
2. whack it
3. stroke it
4. masturbation
I was really cranking it last night, I filled in some cracks on the ceiling.
by Bud E Love May 7, 2003