when a person, usually male, masturbates
Lisa: "Hey, did you guys see where Danny went? I haven't seen him for like fifteen minutes."

John: "Last time I saw him, he was in the locker room, crankin' dat Danny with a playboy"
by Serpent1189 October 15, 2007
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Although widely known as a dance from 2007 created by Soulja Boy Tellem, the phrase also refers to male masturbation. The reason it is known as such is because the penis is similar to a solider with its helmet, and it is cranked like a crankshaft during masturbation.
"I walked in on dat nigga, and he was Crankin dat soulja boy, so I dipped."
by AtlMandingo April 1, 2009
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On episode 800 of the Savage Lovecast at 16:10 there's a good ol' boy talking about missing his sweet lady Barb, and about how he missed "Crankin' the Hog on them Big Block Chevys" (BBCs) with her as a euphemism for having sex. I absolutely fell out hearing this. The best term for having sex I've heard in a very long time!! Sorry about Barb dude. She sounds like she was a keeper!
Baby I can't wait ta get wit you and Crank the Hog on them BBCs!! "Crankin' the Hog on them BBC’s"
by Phydeaux2000 February 23, 2022
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