Yet ANOTHER term for a penis...
Person 1: Hey, what are you up to?
Person 2: Just jerkin my crank shaft.
Person 1: DUDE...WTF...
by DXF May 29, 2009
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Where two man stand across for each other grabbing ahold of there own penis with one hand, using there other hand to grab the forearm of their partner, they jerk them off by pulling and pushing the forearm.
I just found out that my girlfriend has a penis, well at least we can still Swedish crank shaft
by ..... . February 14, 2014
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When one guy gets and erection, and a girl sits on his dick, does a split, and a third guy spins her around using her legs.
"I heard Kate got really dizzy doing the crank shaft the other night."
by Iamout August 16, 2016
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