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Girls from a particular school in Oregon, usually they are as loose as a 2 dollar whore, stink like the ocean, and their breath smells of penis. They are most known for their actions of being total cunts.
That girls breath smells of penis, it is probably a Crane Girl

Guy 1: Do you smell that ?
Guy 2: It’s just a Crane Girl with her legs open .

Man : why you gotta be such like a Crane Girl
Girl :just because I ride dick every night doesn’t mean I’m a Crane Girl
by GrampaChip May 18, 2018
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The exact definition of cunty bitches. They complain about everything and annoy everyone.
Dude1: Hey, have you seen those Crane Girls?

Dude2: Yeah, what a bunch of cunty bitches.
by Sinestro78 October 25, 2016
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