For all of those named Craig who do things out of the norm/ordinary. Usually self-embarrassing acts or those without any thought backing it.
"He's craiging it! He just jumped off and broke an arm, but he's doing it again!"
"He just showed his dick to her, but he just keeps on going!"
The teachers that fill our computer science lessons and teach us more things than the teachers.
Craig n Dave looking drippy with their merch
by Craig n Dave word creator April 27, 2021
Is a midget but also not a midget at the same time.
He was so short he looked like a mitch craig
by Bigdaddy96024 April 4, 2019
Dumb and gay will normally have a relationship with his math teacher
Your a Blake craig
by Babsbabbsbsn August 24, 2018
The cutest boy you will know and ever meet. He is the most caring and loving, but when you pluck his last nerve, your done. He is shy, but if you stick around yall will love each other no matter what.
Taylor Craig your the bestest man I've ever known
by Taylor's Sister ❤ February 9, 2019
yeh i thought it was a pretty good definition ive also been saying yes to all your definitions they are pretty good ngl
yo have you heard of Big craigs crack dealership
yeah they are pretty good at definitions
by Some_Person_Was_Taken May 9, 2020