Is a midget but also not a midget at the same time.
He was so short he looked like a mitch craig
by Bigdaddy96024 April 04, 2019
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A day of rest to honor American hero jimmy Craig and his magnificent performance for team USA, celebrated on May 31
Joe: National Jimmy Craig Day gonna be litty city
Mike: yeah dawg a day off from school... imma watch miracle
by Tyrone Shoelaces November 03, 2019
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Step #1- Find a married guy with a wife
Step #2- Seduce him (fuck his brains out) and make him divorce his wife
Step #3- Marry him
Step #4- Call him Gay and divorce him
Extra points if you can take half of what he owns.
I can't believe mark divorced his wife only to get the craig in the end.
by Cannonbomb10 January 16, 2019
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Great person with a lovely personality.will be very successful in life .has an amazing left foot but a ahit right foot.hes quite a handsome male
by Ayeeeeeeeeeeee11234466 April 14, 2014
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The cutest boy you will know and ever meet. He is the most caring and loving, but when you pluck his last nerve, your done. He is shy, but if you stick around yall will love each other no matter what.
Taylor Craig your the bestest man I've ever known
by Taylor's Sister ❤ February 09, 2019
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a verb, meaning to list something on Craigslist in order to get it out of your life.
"Do you have any pets?"
"Not for long. Heather is going to craig the fish tank. It'll be gone in a hour."
by kingferdinand May 04, 2010
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