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Cowies hill is a place in South africa, KZN (near Durban. the place litterally swims in money and pussy. Fast cars, huge houses, huger pools, and even huger boats is how they roll in cowies hill. And again.. the amount of fine pussy.. you could like camp in cowies hill and return a man.. no matter how old you are.

Cowies hill used to be just bush... and grass.. and trees.. but now its bush-less pussy, a grade grass that gets you fried on one bong and trees with treehouses bigger than your grandma's house!..
way back when the city of pinetown was started.. now known as crimetown, the rich white business owners were settlling up there.. while the black slaves during aparthied would build etc..
dude, he's turned into such a pussy magnet.. bet he just moved to cowies hill
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