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A challenging sexual activity during which the female partner mounts, and is penetrated by, her prone male partner, after which she revolves around his penis by turning her body 90 degrees at a time, while remaining ‘coupled’.

See also ‘Cowgirl Corkscrew’.
Doctor: “So, young man, how did you manage to get this severe chafing around the root of your todger and the front of your ball sack? It looks fairly raw,”

Patient: “A bit embarrassing, my girlfriend gave me a cowgirl spin last night and she had a couple of weeks’ stubble around her ‘boat’. She just wouldn’t stop - she did 3 circuits before she came , and her contractions made me think she was going to bite my cock off.”

Doctor: “Oh dear, quite frightening. Well I’ll prescribe some cream for the stubble rash, and if I was you, I’d keep my cock dry for a week.”

Patient: “Thank you doctor.”
by Katie4eyes August 09, 2018
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