A person who is such a wuss that he can only act all bolshie and tough by text message, but not by phone and most certainly not face-to-face
He's having a go at me by text message again. What a text coward!
by King Drax May 21, 2012
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An extremely weak and insecure individual that blocks someone they have an issue with on social media and then proceeds to use that same social media platform to post negative status updates or emotional rants directed at the person(s) they blocked. The social media coward engages in these acts on the assumption that the person(s) they are referencing and taking "shots" at likely will not see posts nor be able to respond.

See also, "Internet Coward"
Jack was dumped by Jill at Starbucks this morning. Afterwards, Jack went home, cried, and posted several status updates on Facebook directed at Jill explaining why he had to break up with her. Being the social media coward that he is, Jack blocked Jill on Facebook so she could not respond and tell the truth, thus Jack was able to successfully play the victim.
by FloorBageo January 21, 2021
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A coward that sees herself (or himself) as spicy instead of plain or dull.
Your retarded friend might have been a degenerate, but he was not a spicy coward. You killed him for standing up to you.
by Solid Mantis May 23, 2021
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A person who is a prude in bed. And would never allow any fetishism in the bedroom, a person with a very vanilla sex life. A person who does not like to experiment in the bedroom. A sex coward would never have a threesome.
My boyfriend won't allow me to bring a dildo to be to bed with us he is a total sex coward.
by pixie ho April 20, 2016
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Just Zak, that’s it he’s goth and white
Hey who is that guy

“That’s Zak coward”
by Lapford Mafia October 31, 2020
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