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Did you see Juan watching friends? He's such a cow tail.
by Echokaji January 20, 2017
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When a girl takes a dump after having a load blown in her.
"Damn girl, Chris kept creamin' me last night. I have been growing cow-tails all morning.
by Dunkin' Sachell November 10, 2009
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when you're masterbating and all of a sudden you have explosive diarrhea. Hence the mixture of the brown and white colors of the Cowtail Candy.
I was spanking it to a picture of your sister last night and totally got CowTail.
by Joe Tulsey March 13, 2010
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When a man is so fat that he can only see a small portion of his penis. Looks like a small tail sticking out
can that fat guy in the warehouse even have sex with that cow tail?
by The boy toy June 04, 2018
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