Kids who were conceived by their parents during the quarantinesthat resulted from the coronavirus, covid-19.

They are also referred to as coronials. Most will be born between late December of 2020 and spring of 2021.
Sophie was born on February 12, 2021, in Seattle, Washington, part of the wave of covid kids now inhabiting the United States’ west coast.
by Downhill Dave March 19, 2020
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So-called smart people who are obsessed with Covid-19 precautions and spend all their time worrying about catching it, & who criticize anyone who is not as obsessed and fearful about catching Covid-19 as they are.
According to the Covid slow kids, only a horrible person would go to a funeral for a loved one or attend any event for any reason when they’re all just ways for the virus to spread.
by Squirrel Rito January 03, 2021
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Anyone between the age of 4-12 years old who experienced the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic
The year is 2038.

Jimmy who is 9 years old asks his father. "Were you a Covid kid dad?"
by DeadBread September 12, 2020
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