courtney is a very bubbly girl who who enjoys watermelon. she is known for always being a shoulder to cry on but can also be a bitch when she needs to be so watch out.
omg! i would love to be friends with a courtney she always has my back !”
by namemaster11345 October 21, 2019
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The most beautiful, hotest, cutest girl you will know. The girl you will never forget about, and always want. She is sexy when she doesn't mean to. She will love you with all her heart and is just the best girl ever. She has no self confidence and she always needs someone to love her. Everytime she says I love you you'll always want to keep her with you at all times. No matter how much you are around every time feels like the first and you always get butterflies. Easily the best girl you'll ever find. She needs people to love her so she doesn't feel alone in the world. She is a friend that you can tell her your problems to and understands. She can be a bit childish but that's what's so cute about her.
Everyone loves a Courtney.
by Chamomile soups October 19, 2019
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a funny hot girl that’s cute and is very poggers
“did you see courtney”
“yeah she’s so hot and cute and funny but she goes out with kamal smh my head
by kamal March 08, 2021
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Courtney is a term to describe a petty, typical rich stereotype. She has a chihuahua, comes to school in that limo, and wears that Krazy Kandy lip gloss.
'Wow, she's so rich!'
'Must be a Courtney.'
via giphy
by Defining Stupid Terms May 29, 2021
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Someone who is sick of all this shit!
Courtney is so sick of Shawn and her bullshit! Courtney did not ever work for Shawn! She does not even like cleaning her own house! let alone have to clean houses with an over bearing fat bitch and then drive 2.5 hours to go to her night job! eh never ending bs!
by RomanHi5 September 04, 2020
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Someone who is sick of Nintendo! Can anyone move on and not play so many games. Cuz this shit is going to come back to you one day.
Yea, Courtney is so tired of playing Nintendo! eh
by RomanHi5 September 03, 2020
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Please take out your ponytail extensions. Your family misses you. It's not Ariana Grande cosplay, it's blackface.
Courtney needs to delete her stan twitter before the Forever 21 fandom comes after her!
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