1. A lazy little hoe with a big ol booty that jumps from one guy to another.

2. A disease that causes you to twerk on everything or throw that ass in a circle.

3. An extreme tiny dancer.

4. When you over eat, but don't gain weight.

5. Another word for basic bitch.
"You are such a Courtney!"
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by Nikki DD April 07, 2018
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A Courtney usually has blue eyes and Brown hair! She is the most kindest person you will meet. She is a girl that will hold on to One or two friends for life. A Courtney will find someone to love probably off TIKTOK. Courtney is a girl that is an animal lover She loves cats/dogs. Courtney is a girl that gets inspiration from A fit boy on TIKTOK and she normally wears Adidas and Levi’s clothes she also loves to wear AF1 and ripped jeans , If you meet a Courtney never let her go because she is special.
Best friend: hey Courtney you are so beautiful.
Courtney: all you.xx
by Khloekar111 June 15, 2020
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“Why do you keep falling?” -Sarah
“UH I’m aloud to fall because my name is Courtney!” -Courtney
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by Itzflashyfox January 10, 2020
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A sweet loyal friend who is nosy as fuckkkkkk but she is goofy which some what makes up for it and want to dress like a grandma and go to a restaurant
courtney is a goofy person
by jaydonnnnnnnn July 03, 2021
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