Courtney is someone amazing. she is definitely not a slut. all the guys want her and all the girls are jealous of her, which makes her absolutely awesome in every way. Shes very easy to fall in love with, and she can have you fallen for her in 2 seconds. Once you actually get to know her shes the nicest person and is an awesome bestfriend :D She loves giving advice, can be self centered at times. Has the worst temper so dont get her mad. shes always looking to have a good time and is very funny. Usually has the most beautiful eyes. if your not good enough for her she'll let you know ;
Dont fuck with courtney, she'll steal your man no matter what, and he'll agree because she gets any guy she wants.

the most down to earth bitch i know
id be jealous tooo.
courtney is so hott and amazing i wish she was my girlfriend, - uhm im your girlfriend?
by theeebestttteverr. January 23, 2010
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The act of consuming excess amounts of alcohol to the point one requires hospitalisation.

Derived from the folklore of an infamous Australian girl.
'tonight is going to get messy'
'yeah, tonight we get Courtneyed'
by Stormy Puppy January 31, 2010
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hot, great person, with an awesome personality!!! fun loving, comical, give you the shirt off her back type of chick! if you ever come across a courtney snatch her up! you wont be disappointed!!!
Wow, you must be a courtney cause you are off the chain!!!
by hergirl February 02, 2010
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courtney someone thats EXTREMEMLY good looking but not like cute, more like sexy. when they walk by u turn ur head and wish u had a pause button or something.

The most gorgeous girl that you could ever come across.

Words can not explain her, and her flawlessness.

Whoever has her, as their girlfriend is the most luckiest man

in the entire universe.

everyman,want her and every girl wants to be her.
Jesse: fuck that courtney chick is hot.
tim: fuck yes, oi cunt i heard shes easy.
Jesse: I'm in!
tim: -.- lucky cunt
by everyonewantsomeofwhatigot November 26, 2011
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an absolutely fantastic girl. a gorgeous, funny, lovable, hugable cutie. crazy drunk party bitch at some moments but is always fun to be around. men are definately a priority to her, however, she is a priority to them too. courtney couldnt be a better friend. saying she is amazing would be an understatement. a true rigger. one that rigs often and daily. a true RM. a young RM. sick girl. not a word for putting shit in the mouth. a good friend who listens to one's problems. good advice giver. always has an answer. laughs at my jokes. One that always speaks her mind and always has a word for people. A GINGER. and an overall nice person
by samalextyler July 18, 2009
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