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People from Baltimore often refer to residents of York County, PA as "county kids". They consider them preppy and 'pussy'.

Shrewsbury is a good example of York County.
Kid from Baltimore:

"Fuck them county kids."
"He's a county kid, but he's actually pretty chill."
by Yeaaahm. December 10, 2009
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A County Kid is a name referring to teenagers typically considered to be emo and has the hobbie of riding, and getting angry at, a skateboard. They enjoy to take drugs every day of their lives and get angry when anyone says anything about them. They are usually seen as depressed or acting depressed to get attention, especially on the website: and when someone tells them the truth about their problems, all the other county kids then attempt to murder the person who is honest in an attempt at keeping their primal attention seeking ways.
Jason: Hey Kieran, how's life?
Kieran: Bad, or atleast that's what people will think when they see what I wrote on facebook!
Jason: Oh yeah, I forgot you're a county kid...

Kieran: My life sucks and nobody loves me.
Jason: Well that's not true, it's just that you get into too many romantic relationships and refuse to see the faults with yourself.
Alistair: Kill him! he is an infidel!
by Pseudo-God January 28, 2012
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