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Your typical hoodrat but it also incorperates white trash trailer trash they tend to be the worst kind of hood rats. Cause there already used to boring times and love sitting around talking about everything cept how to better there lives. Usually love to listen to rap and play at being gangsters but theyll be the first ones to run to the law for thinking there big and bad for selling drugs and running off with peoples shit. Till they piss someone off and deserve a fucking beating of there life. Then they will run off to others for sympathy making up stories like this guy robbed me or beat me or did something to my friend. They live off handouts as well cause they have no useful abilitys other then there 3 holes which are already so used up there not worth the time honestly unless reallllllly fucking horny. Even then best to give a fake name and never show them where you live these country hoodrats pray for the day they get knocked up cause its sympathy i got knocked up this kid will be worse then me with no hope yet everyone feels sorry for me even thou theyve been a fuck up all there life and will always be a fuck up for all there life. If they got kids and aint with there kids there a country hoodrat for sure. These kind of hoodrats are rampant in Georgia and the Carolinas. If they dont have a job and arent with there kids they aint worth a fuck.
I wish all country hoodrats would get brain tumors that compel them to drink a couple gallons of bleach
by raisedhollow April 11, 2018
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