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The Council is a common myth which has survived over the years at Whitburn Academy, West Lothian. There has beeen however a large amount of controversy to the members prior to its existance. These include the names of bstewrt2, R3BUZ, Ginge123, David Cassidy and the one they call the Donkey Puncher. This Donkey Puncher however is mainly a feature of the group, a spin off. This however cannot ever been proven. So until proven otherwise, there is no council.

The Council has also been known to have links to David Carradine through the Kill Bill period in his life. Also the world famous "Bruce Lee," was known at one point to be an apprentice of the council. There has also been high amounts of speculation and a wide spread of reports into the appreances of 'Elmo' at the council meetings. This is however suggesting that there is indeed a council.

There has also been high speculation about the council members that they were once trained by the Lin kuei Ninja Clan of Hokkaido, Japan. Although it cannot be stressed enough that the council may not exist?
What the Fuck is the Council?WhatCouncil?
by Blair Stewart October 02, 2008
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