Just like a Tiger stripe, except when a chick is on her period and it leaks out to the front of her panties.
Oh! Shit! I went down on this chick and she had the worst Cougar Stripeing I have ever seen. No Oxy-clean will get rid of that!
by thederfluten April 6, 2011
Cougar claws: a sexual achievement accomplished by a male by sleeping with a woman above the age of 40, while in his 20s or below
Bill: Hey man, how did things go with that Cougar from the bar the other night?
Steve: I took her home, totally got my Cougar Claws, man!
by Aurexal February 3, 2016
A rode hard women in her thirties, who looks like she is in her 40s. Completely untamed bush that smells like the cargo hold of a crapping troller.
Dude, you ever get so desperate that you stared cruising the trailer parks for a wampus cougar? Well, I have . And let’s just say my dick is now know as captain Gordon!
by Hootie79 May 22, 2022
When an older woman who frequented clubbing braggs about her scoresheet of young man flesh.
Kimberly was holding court with her cougar friends “cougar ranting “ about all the young men she had sex with.
by Dane Bread November 7, 2017
Home of Cougar Lane Inc. The greatest smoke spot in the south.
ay bruh. you wanna role up to Cougar Lane?

hell yea
by The Billiam March 23, 2020
The mullet hair style, especially when worn by a 18-21 year old man
Bro have you seen Chad's new hair cut, it's an absolute cougar call
by AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH February 17, 2021