Any chick, hot or ugly, young or old, that i wanna take to bonetown
She is a cougar
by Johnny Dagger July 16, 2010
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A haggard woman who needs to pay to suck a hard cock
The cougar needed to pay $7 to suck the youn guy's hard cock
by Cooooghuuurr April 18, 2018
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A woman who can't get enough pleasure from grandpa's limp dick
"She's old man. Cougar?"

"Heh, yeah. She needed something hard. Her husbands gone soft I guess."
by Wilted_Chaos June 25, 2017
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adj. Means anything you want it to. You can use it as a substitute for any of your favorite insults or cursewords, without the person your insulting having any idea of what your actually calling them out on. Often used to describe a person who's a tool.

A gougar is a goofy cougar.

1. Chris ate all the fig newtons, what a cougar.
2. Andy likes men...that cougar!

by slut slayer January 20, 2006
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Older gal with her shit together who enjoys a younger man. Romances without the need to be swept off her feet or into the drama of Will He Call Me dating. An attractive lady who knows what she wants and wants something a little fresher. See Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Tina Turner.
Cougars are where it's at. They have all the experience. It doesn’t matter her age, if she can hold on, that’s all I need.
by lubludu July 03, 2017
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An older woman who hunts younger prey in the dead of night, if you are 20 years old or below, beware the Cougar! Especially freshers. Can usually be seen roaming the streets of Newmarket for her next victim.
Cougar Kate is on the prowl for some defenseless freshers.
by Snifferz95 September 27, 2018
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