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The idea that a higher power such as fate, destiny, or a god controls and toys with our lives; It is 'cosmic' because of the universal, all-pervading influence of the higher power, and it is 'irony' for the perceived control of one's own life when in fact no free will exists.
Joe couldn't believe the cosmic irony that all his girlfriends left him for another woman.
by ozoutofwater November 16, 2010
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A type of irony in which Fate, the Universe, God, or whichever omnipotent force you choose makes it their sole purpose to mess with your life. They like to screw you over, and watch the mayhem while laughing at your misfortune.
Never knowing why things went wrong in his life, Mike felt like the victim of some sort of cruel cosmic irony.
by FRC July 12, 2005
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