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A quiet city with a rather low crime-rate and shitty ass weather. Basically rains all year round except the summer, which is semi-decent (low 80's to mid 90's). The other definitions some douchecopters made up about the district high schools are absolutely false; CVHS and CHS both have its ups and downs. CHS tends to have the fatter kids and mexicans because of its location in the heart of Corvallis, very close by Linus Pauling. CV tends to have a higher drug rate (you know its true). While CHS has bragged that heir sports are better than CV; those cocky bastards don't realize that we have had our victories too, just people tend to take them too far sometimes. CHS tends to have better boys soccer, boys swimming, and other shitty sports no one cares about. CV have better girl swimmers, boys and girls basketball, and baseball. I can't list my opinion on football cause if I do I will probably get anally raped.
CHS dude: NO WE ARE!!
Random dude: shut the fuck up, this is Corvallis, Oregon
by Slayerpig September 20, 2011
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