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An individual who is incapable of braking properly to take a turn while driving. They often lock up the brakes and crash into other people as a result. A corner bomber often drives out of control because their hairy eyebrows and mask/beard obscure the road. It is best to steer clear of them completely because they are prone to irrationally arguing about the cause of their rampages. A flying lap on a racetrack by a corner bomber will usually involve several off course excursions and crashing into other drivers to take them out of the race. Injuries from corner bombers are common and can include bruising, lacerations, burns, crabs, blown O-rings, and loss of appetite. A corner bomber is a terrorist in any moving vehicle and can be considered as deadly as an Al Queda Guantanamo detainee.
That damn corner bomber hit me from behind so hard I couldn't walk straight. He told me band-AIDS would stop the infection, but now I have to figure out how Magic Johnson is still alive.
by the real kabob king November 07, 2013
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