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In the small town of Wendell, NC (a wannabe version of Clayton, NC), there lies a school that stole more than half of the population at Clayton High School and Smithfield-Selma High. We call it Corinth-Holders High School, where no one knows or cares to know where the hell it got it's name from. Corinth-Holders High currently consists of 9th and 10th graders, in which they all despise this pathetic excuse for a new high school. This school has ruined the district lines. No wonder Johnston County's broke as fuck. And not only this, but they also suspend students for using lotion.
Rose: So, Emely, what high school do you go to now?
Emely: I go to Corinth-Holders High School now.
Rose: You should seriously think about going back to South Johnston. I hear the staff there eat puppies.
Emely: So that's what happened to Sparky...
by ermoesley. April 14, 2011
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A place thrown in the middle of nowhere filled with nothing but psychopaths and weirdos who would rather shoot up the school and threaten to kill the principal and the students yup you guessed it Corinth Holders High. Home of the "Pirates"? Nope more like the home of the mass school shooter couple Haley Hicks and Dalton Green one is joco's full time slut and the other is nothing but a crackhead. You'd think this school couldn't get any worse with such strict rules and a few racists teachers but no we also have a couple who threatens to kill our principal and shoot up the school which isn't much of a shock when one is the biggest slut in joco and the other does crack but also actually looks like your typical white school shooter. Think twice before you threaten to shoot up an entire school my friends. All students of Corinth '18 have had enough of these psychos.
Bob: Yo, what school do you goto?
Rob: Corinth Holders High School
Bob: Didn't 2 students try to kill all the seniors there?
Rob: Haley Hicks and Dalton Green? Yup thats right.
by UnknownSmileyFace52 May 03, 2018
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A school in the middle of nowhere, ran by a racist principle, Santa looking assistant principle, and a principle who looks at the whores. Every now and then there’s a good fight, and the racist stands and watches. You can’t see out the windows because of all the rednecks and there trucks. Nobody knows how to drive and students total there call on the first day of school.
Stranger: what school do you go to?
Me: corinth Holders high school
Stranger: where is that?
Me: Wendell
Stranger: where is that?
Me: North Carolina
by ferrel4thewin December 17, 2017
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