The most amazing person you will ever meet. She is blonde, but don't be mistaken, she is smart.She has her moments, but who doesn't. Everyone loves her and she is bootyliscous and has boobs. She has the full package. She plays basketball,soccer, and volleyball. And this is her full name, but everone calls her Cory for short. Has a brother who is ...well intresting (to be nice). Weirdos are attracted to her, but the total hooties are,too. Has alot of friends that love her. She is flexible, so you'll always hav a good time ;). To summ it all up a Corinne is pretty much the best,most talented person you'll ever meet.
She is such a Corinne.
by Corinnes lover January 26, 2009
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A Corinne is very sweet, smart, funny, and lovable. She has a good sense of humor, different with every crowd, from inside jokes to innuendos. She is sweet, you can count on her to be there for you and do small favors like bake you cupcakes when you are sad. She is smart, can outwit almost anyone, including the smartest of teachers and is quick-witted to come up with a comeback, comment, or solution. She will stay loyal to you at all times. Do not, I repeat NOT, get on this girl's bad side. She could just as easily tear you to pieces as she could to your reputation. Her one struggle or flaw is not overconfidence, but it is that she would be quicker to drop everything and help others that tend to her own needs. It can possibly be a fatal flaw, so just cherish this girl while you know her.
Guy: yo dude i'm datin this chick named Corinne
Friend: you better be careful dude she's fragile. Keep her safe.
by Imseriousdude October 23, 2017
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Corinne is a beautiful blonde babe with naturally big breasts. She's a catch for any guy, all the girls are jealous. She doesn't do sports, but she makes up for that by running around the mall all day carrying loads of shopping bags. She sounds and appears to be your classic ditz, but if you look underneath you see her true colors, and the smart intellegent woman she can be. She believes in treating all people right, unless they mess with her. Then shit is going down. Basically, Corinne is the total package.
Isaac: Did you see her? She's a TOTAL Corinne.
Jackson: Heck yeah she is...
by afriendxoxoxox July 26, 2011
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Corinne's a girl who can be really funny, is blonde and is athletic. She can be a really annoying sometimes. Also,really two-faced and has second choice friends. She gets really spoiled sometimes. Most people love her and she's super pretty. She can be over confident, but oh well what are you going to do?
She is such a Corinne.
by yeah:P February 08, 2013
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Sassy af. Sometimes rude and over dramatic.
Wow. She asked for a favor in the group chat and when she didn't get the answer she wanted she flipped out. She's being such a Corinne
by silentninja8141 June 04, 2017
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A person who does not compromise. They will accept all flattery but insult everyone. A person who will not apologize or admit she is wrong or even mistaken. Someone who basically makes you hate yourself, and yet makes herself look innocent.
Kara: You look stupid when you do that, Jack.

Jack: Stop being such a corinne.
by hyperman1919 August 23, 2009
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A Corinne is a sexual role-play act involving two female parties dressed as vampires. While there are multiple variations of the corinne the traditional one is the most popular:

One of the vampire women inserts a juice box (typically wild cherry) into their vaginal cavity and the other vampire woman drinks from it in a succulent fashion.

The red drink fulfills any vaginal vampire fetish.
The two Twilight audience members did the Corinne while their parents weren't looking.
by Balrog 1 March 22, 2009
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