An army branch in Russia. Only the absolute Coolest Kids can join.
This is an inside joke but it probably won't get rejected because Urban Dictionary is shit lol
Guy 1: I'm part of the Cool Kids Club
Guy 2: No you're not fatass
by ISwearImNotATroll July 7, 2021
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Girl: “I didn’t tell anyone can I join the cool kids club?”
Leader:”not just yet”
by Cool kids club leader February 26, 2019
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A club of kids in school who think bullying is cool
Your too nerdy to be in the cool kids club
by 1234567djpooman September 14, 2021
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If I told you, you'd be banned from the club.

(It's for cool kids only. Super secret. Only one in every ten million are in.)
"Yo dude are you in the Super Secret Cool Kid's Club? I want in"
"Dude, if I told you then you'd be out. Sorry"
by carbonatedelectric July 12, 2020
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