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A questionable film about an overgrown man-child in a cat costume named cool cat. Cool Cat bands together with his Master, Daddy Derek as they set out to stop bullying. Which Ironically, The director does to any reviewer of his masterpiece.

Throughout the film, they are terrorized by an overweight blonde kid named Butch. Butch makes cool cat cry, so Daddy Derek turns the lights low, puts on the smooth jazz, and rubs lubricant all over himself as he allows cool cat to punish him for being such a naughty human.

Then, the questionable family goes to the Hollywood parade to advertise their next film: Cool Cat Loves you (in more than one way).
“Dude, Have you seen cool cat saves the kids?”

“Oh yeah! Daddy Derek is a genius!”
by Don’tworry April 08, 2018
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