A high school that never wins at any event or sport; but hypes themselves up each year with saying, "Bro we're going to have Chad as QB next year! This is going to be the one."
"Our first game is against Lolilover Academy? This will be easy, they're a Confederation Secondary School.
by Anal Sewage June 30, 2020
A racist euphemism about a black person who has been lynched in a tree. Racists/bigots consider it an "inside joke" that they will openly use to threaten black people they think have gotten "out of line".
If that boy comes on my property again, Ima make a confederate windchime out of him.
by StrangeAndBeautiful July 9, 2019
When three or more men line up on a couch and jerk each other off my moving the next man’s arm. A horizontal double Dutch rudder.
It wasn’t gay that we all jerked off on the couch, we never touched each other’s dicks it was a classic confederate sub.
by Southern Boy 56 August 11, 2022