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When a group of women, often with mediocre looks, excessively compliment one another in a public arena in the hope of elevating their collective presteige in the eyes of onlookers. Compliment orgies usually manifest themselves in Facebook photo comments where one woman uploads a photo, and her friends reply "so pretty!!", "super like", "you look wow!"

The demographic is usually female teens or young female adults who do not have children, and regard others' perception of them as their life's purpose. Occasionally young adult males, feeling left out, attempt to replicate this apparent camraderie. However, the male recipient does not reciporicate because he does not understand the concept of a compliment orgy, while the female recipient feels that responding with anything more than a superficial "thank you" diminishes the elevated image she is building.
Woman 1 uploads photo
Woman 2: so pretty!
Woman 3: you look wow!
Woman 4: super like
Male: (silently thinks) Yet another compliment orgy.
by Non-conformist 2 April 29, 2013
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