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a nieghborhood/park in st paul minn. borders the infamous rice street and the suburb of roseville minn. its home to the como zoo, the como park conservatory, como lake (named after the lake in italy), como pool, the "pits", como golf course and my favorite "creamy cone" (way better and cheaper than DQ). its home to the hmong vesival every year because of the big size in the hmong population, one of the biggest in the US. used to be blue collar area until recently when yuppies (took away massive bike jumps cuz they mariconos and thought it made the scenery better if they had more trees) diceded to move in. now rich people and relativly poor people live here. but still kids from private schools don't go into como cuz they think they gonna get shot and dumped into the lake. some people from como use "CP" in their tags
COMO KID: hey u guys wanna watch the game @ my house?

PRIVATE SCHOOL KIDS: sure where u live?

COMO KID: como park

PRIVATE SCHOOL KID: WWHHAATT!! i'll get shot by 789566224 hmongs an' they'll dump me in the lake!! HELLA NO!!

COMO KID: u r a racist, sheltered, dumbass piece of foreskin
by don_corleone October 28, 2006
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