Definition 1: To come over

Definition 2: To do your thing, give your best, to Flex

To do something and do well or better than you are currently

A line of encouragement
1:We bout to turn up, come thru
1: I at the mall, come thru

1: I don't fell like talkin' on the phone. Just come thru. Pull up

2. I see you with the fresh fit, Come thru
by LOLDrown566 July 24, 2021
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Come thru Janet and show these kids how a woman does it right!
by Tricktionary July 13, 2015
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To go over to the location a thirsty nigga is tryna get you so he can beat it up

Tyrone: "Where u at"

Sheniquinishia: "chillin in bed"

Tyrone: "Damn ma u busy"

Sheniquinishia: "Na why"

Tyrone: "Come thru doe lemme ski inside dat pussy"

Sheniquinishia: "U lame"

Tyrone: "Hoe I can handle whatever the fuck u throw at me come the fuck thru"

Sheniquinishia: "U mad?"
by Hiisme November 6, 2013
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The act of creeping through yo hood In yer slab, with the trunk on crack, fifth wheel recline, and bass bumpin, while you floss
Dayumn nickka did you see ol'boy coming thru
by B.Gaw January 22, 2009
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when you think your doing itt .
" oh mayte your coming thru "
by ertyuiopoiuytrew December 22, 2008
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1. When a dude brings a female ova the first time for the sole purpose of having sex.

2. Using seductive moves to loosen up or lower a female's guard in order to have sex.

3. The best way to get some ass the first meeting; usually accomplished when the man stimulates multiple areas of the woman's body at the same time; done by kissing the neck, playing with the titties, and finger fucking her pussy all at the same time.
Dude 1 - So how it go last night?
Dude 2 - Yea I smashed...

Dude 1 - Dats wassup...u got it the first night...
Dude 2 - Yea u come thru move never fails...
by RipDaJacka April 19, 2008
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