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(noun): Refers to female sexual prowess on par with the fighting abilities of a seasoned combat veteran. This black belt in the martial art of fucking cannot be acquired by reading a book, studying porn, or even from frequent intercourse, even though all of these may be elements of combat-pussy training. A female can only get combat pussy by devoting herself to fucking as if it were a vocation or calling. Only after vast on-the-job training and real-world experience does she become a Warrior of Fuck, a Special Fucking Forces Agent of Sloppy Ops.

Much more than a mere "good lay," a female in possession of combat pussy fucks on a whole different level, and may be insulted by requests for ordinary sex acts, since they are like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

A man (or woman) who is fucked by a female with combat pussy may experience blackouts, irregular heartbeat, convulsions and vomiting; it may also result in Post-Fuckmatic Stress Disorder (PFSD), flashbacks, anal bleeding, penile epilepsy accompanied by sudden spunking, spontaneous lactation, swamp ass, and Jangly Chalkballs Syndrome (resulting in ejaculation of a white, powdery dust instead of semen).
Man: "Say, why don't you suck my dick, baby?"
Woman: "Dick sucking's for babies. I don't suck dick--I got combat pussy."

Later: "Holy shit. Hand me your wallet--my dick's having a grand mal seizure. Where am I? Why does my asshole look like an entrance wound? Damn, that lady had combat pussy mos def."
by QuinnFlint August 02, 2011
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