The first of America's space shuttle fleet (Enterprise was actually built first, but never flew in space.). First flight event occurred in 1981. She was destroyed upon reentry into earth's atmosphere in 2003 killing her crew of seven.
Columbia flew her maiden voyage in 1981.
by mj_oblio February 29, 2004
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Poetic name for the Americas, mostly dating from the nineteenth century, a feminized version of Christopher Columbus' name. Also the name of a popular female personification of the United States around that time, particularly before the construction and dedication of the Statue of Liberty; the Columbia Pictures logo is an excellent example of this allegorical figure. Several cities, counties, neighborhoods and institutions in the U.S. have Columbia as or in their name โ€” especially the capital, the District of Columbia. Canada's westernmost province is likewise named British Columbia.
Columbia is also how dumb people spell "Colombia," a friendly and colorful nation in South America that is unfortunately beset by drug-related conflict.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon November 28, 2005
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A rapidly growing Suburb of St. Louis that at first seems like the perfect place to live on the surface. But truly it is the most artificial Yuppie infested place in the entierty of the mid west. The houses are little more than over expensive cubes of plastic siding, and the schools are more like asylums for the culturly ill.
Paying tribute to it's mostly German heritage Columbia has instated a self importan squad of gestapo like Police, who for some reason can do anything they want with out a warrent. And instead of stopping what actual crimes do go on in this town they spend their time harassing loiterers and skateboarders, or pretty much anyone under 25.
This town is supposed to be a safe, spottless community but people drive like the have their heads completly up there own ass due to having cell phones surgically attached to their heads. Also there are many accounts of child molesters and the like and recently a youth minister ath the local Baptist church was charged with making child porn at a church run summer camp.
Everything here is subdivisions with fake lawns and perfect roads exept for a small chunk of crap on the sothern edge of town that the city officials have apearantly have forgotten and pay no attention to and have since let to deteriorate with out any attempt to fix streets.
There are almost no successful businesses in Columbia exept a dominos and an infinite amount of Real Estate agencies that exist to populate the endless rows of siding cubes. There is no sense of community of in Columbia. Everyone is either too stuck up or distrusting to talk or say hi and busily rush on past you on the sidewalks, or try to run you over in their escalades (no joke). The worst thing about columbia is that they are constantly pwned by neighboring Waterloo.
You know all those bottles you always recycle? They aren't used to make sweaters and sleeping bags, they get melted down into Columbia Houses.

After WW II Gestapo officers, fearing for their lives, moved to Columbia, Illinois and became police officers.
by Redhawk23 March 18, 2007
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Columbia, South carolina, The Arm pit of the south. Stuck right smack dab in the heart of the midlands of SC. Between the mountains where everyone is supposedly "cultured" and the Low country where everything is nicer, the beach. we have about 4 buildings to our lovely Capital and lets not forget Grouchos and McAlisters! highschool kids love to get drunk and ride out to the middle of no where with their entirely too big of trucks and waste their parents time and money, but thats ok because everyone usually goes to the lovely instate Colleges of USC, College of Charleston and Clemson! everyone loves a south carolina girl though. Let's not forget that everyone is more or less nice in this town!
Plus people get freaked out when it rains, and can't drive in it to save their lives.
- This is a typical conversation in Columbia South Carolina
A: "i thought that the civil war was over"
B: " What you just said was wrong in two senses...It's not over, and It was the war of northern aggression, my dear."
by The Fitz September 28, 2005
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One of the best Cities in the state of Missouri. Some refer to it as "Colombia" like there can be no such thing as a Columbia spelled with a "U", but obviously there is.
Last night the baddest ass bands played at this club in Columbia.
by Redtrixy December 22, 2003
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Columbia is a small city located in the suburbs of Baltimore in Howard County in Maryland. Columbia is also about thirty miles away from Washington, DC. Columbia, itself, is not actually classified as a city or town. Columbia is one of the only planned communities in America. Columbia was the brainchild of Jim Rouse, an urban developer who pioneered the concept of the shopping mall. Columbia was established in 1967. Columbia was rated as the fourth best place to live in America by Money Magazine.

Columbia is one of the richest places in the nation. According to the Washington Post, the median income for a Columbia resident is over $90,000 a year. Thats right, this place is richer than fucking Beverly Hills. Columbia is overpopulated with rich old white people and kids under the age of 21. Everything in the town closes a 9 PM or earlier. Columbia is a ghost town most of the time. Regular middle class folk like police officers and teachers can't afford to live in Columbia. Spoonfed preppy rich kids tool around in Benzes, Hummers and Beemers with an undeserved sense of superiority over the rest of mankind. People live in multimillion dollar mansions that look like they belong on MTV Cribs. Lacrosse is the unofficial sport of Columbia.

Columbia is divided into several different villages: Harper's Choice, Wilde Lake, King's Contrivance, Oakland Mills, Owen Brown and River Hill. Harper's Choice and Wilde Lake are almost synonomous. These two adjacent neighborhoods are probably the most down-to-earth villages in Columbia. Thats because most people who live in Harper's Choice and Wilde Lake are plain middle class. Not everyone is rich or middle class in these two neighborhoods; a good percentage of the population lives below the poverty line. These two neighborhoods are home to some of Columbia's only public housing developments. Fall River Terrace, Rideout Heath, Rosyln Rise, Waverly Winds and the Harper House are the projects of Columbia. These developments are a slice of the ghetto in Columbia.

Columbia has a large middle class black population. In fact, over 20% of the town's population is black. A little under half of all the black people who live in Columbia are concetrated in Harper's Choice and Wilde Lake. Owen Brown is home to an ever-growing Central-American immigrant population. Most of these people are recent immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. They usually drive old beat up Honda Civics from the 80s and 90s. They are the only people in Columbia who don't drive insanely expensive european luxury cars. Constant influx of Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants have brought gang activity to Columbia in recent years. MS-13 and Vatos Locos have a visible presence in the town. This is because Maryland has some of the highest incidences of MS-13 gang activity in the nation. If you're a young person, it would not be wise to wear certain color bandanas in public unless you want to get beat the fuck up or cut up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

The village of River Hill is technically located in Clarksville. River Hill is the richest and waspiest village in Columbia. River Hill is like a white segregated town from the 50s. You will stick out like a sore thumb if you're not rich and straight up white. The cul de sacs of River Hill are lined with perfect million dollar residences with hundred thousand dollar cars parked in the driveways. Not a blade of grass is out of place. The only minorities you will see in River Hill are the Mexicans who cut the grass and maybe a black mailman. Many deer-hunting, Conferderate flag waving wannabe rednecks also live in River Hill.

There is nothing to do in Columbia except to go to the Columbia mall and spend money. Most of the stores in the mall are generic whitewashed clothing stores like Hollister Co. and A&E. Everyone in Columbia wears these shitty cookie-cutter clothing brands.

White boys in Columbia have a distinct goofy ass style. They usually grow their hair out over their ears like Ashton Kutcher. Traditionally, these kids would wear Abercrombie and other generic middle american mall fashions. But recently, with the over-commercialization of Hip Hop culture, these crackers have finally decided to start wearing black kid clothing staples like Air Jordans, Air Force Ones and New Era fitted caps. Simultaneously, Black kids have started wearing clothing associated with skateboarding culture, which was once entirely dominated by whites. I'm sorry, everyone is a poser in Columbia.
Columbia will never be a cool place to live
by thagoldenchild August 02, 2007
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A Chicago art school located in the South Loop. Less pretentious than the School of the Art Institute. A few steps up from community college with 99% acceptance rate.
"I told my brother that I got into Columbia and he almost cried. Then I explained to him that I was not admitted into Columbia University, but, instead Columbia College and you could've cut the disappointment with a knife."
by charwash February 21, 2005
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