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Every High Schooler and Middle Schooler in Howard County hangs out here. It is Hoco’s unofficial hangout spot. The food court is good af and everyone spends money on the overpriced Dave and Buster Knockoff, The Main Event. Every white girl takes a picture for Instagram near the Fountain outside of StarBucks or somewhere near it. The biggest stores are either Hollister or Forever 21. Make sure you bring friends to the mall because it’s boring if you go with your family or alone. AMC theater is good but has over priced popcorn. And it has Shake Shack so.....
“You wanna go to Columbia Mall today?”

“I’m down who’s gonna be there?”
“Every white girl in Hoco, kids from Wilde Lake, white boys trying pull a white girl, or kids trying to get clout or clout chasing
by supguys_123 August 08, 2018
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