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A joke originally made about an imaginary person named Colton, It refers to his mom as the 66th most dangerous thing in the world.

Colton's Mom's Vagina has serrated teeth around the outer edge, and has come to be fondly known as a,

"Penis-Flysnatch". This is due to it's capabilities of rapidly snapping shut on anything which touces the vaginal walls more than once. A dexterous person always has enough time to get in and pull out, however. This is actually a good workout, and many people have resorted to this to lose calories.

There is an on-off switch within the Vagina, and only one or two people have been recorded to actually be able to consistantly locate it. This causes her vagina to wait another 30 minutes before closing, and it constricts itself to an appropriate tightness.

On that note, although you would expect Colton's mom's vagina to be extremely lose due to all the action it gets, it is able to loosen or slacken itself at will, enabling it to keep a person going longer, increasing the risk of "de-manning him".
Colton's mom is known to prostitute herself at a very cheap price, for this is an easy way for it to get food. The last recorded rate was 15 cents.
"Why's Topher In the Hospitol?"
"He must not have been fast enough with Colton's Mom's Vagina Last night."

"Dude, why are you sweating so prefusely?"
"Just got back from Colton's Mom's house, I couldn't find the on-off switch this time."

"DUDE! Look! A hooker! Only Fifteen cents!"
by CJHat April 09, 2010
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