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Cole masturabtion is where the famous cole will master the bation, he will first chop the long stick into multiple pieces while doing some karate moves "HUTAHHHHHHH" he will often moan and groan during this strange but unique ritual, once the stick is chopped up he will throw it into the hot boiling milkshake, he will most likely miss but should at least get once sliced up price into it, once he has successfully done this he will start to float and fancily sip a cup of coffee, once the boiling process has finished he will fall from he air, cracking his neck causing him to die, one of his sons will come out from no where and sprinkle cum ((or more commonly known as sudioshiestamakoletes)) all over his body, but before this he will be striped nude.
Jerry: omg, have you see cole masturbation?
Shelissa: *moans intensely* that was so hot!
Jerry: I think I just turned gay.
by Have some dick mate July 01, 2017
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