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Cody is a uni-sex name but, it is rare for a girl to be called Cody so the personality is good, but rare to find.

Cody is a female that is kind, gentle and loving.

She does have many guys out for so many she doesn't know what to do with them... She thinks she's not the realation ship type but when it comes to the right one she prooves herself wrong. She is a random girl into random things, loved by everyone she meets. She hates drama, just the word of it can cause discomfort.... but she is surrounded by it. She is so funny and beautiful... and anybody who is a friend of a girl cody are not just lucky.... their like the chosen ones of GOD.
Guy 1: DUDE that chick is BANGABLE......
Guy 2: she's not just bangable she's beautiful! she's not like any other girl i have seen or known before...
Guy 1: Her name is definatelly Cody (teenaged Girl).
Guy 2: How do you know?
Guy 1: Just ask her.
by Spockles June 21, 2011
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