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Stephen Colbert had a judge do deep vetting on him. The judge learned that Colbert's nickname was, "High Snow, Lord of the Blowlands," at least in college. Colbert was sure that the judge would not find anything incriminating in his backstory, which is why he punk'd himself by airing his own dirty laundry on The Colbert Report.
Colbert's own attempt at damage control of airing his own dirty laundry that he was "High Snow, Lord of the Blowlands," was to tell GQ Magazine that he did cocaine for charity; a comment that only makes things worse because he still does charity work for Omaze. It should make people question any celebrity endorsed charity and whether the charity is merely a front for laundering drug money, or money from child porn, sex trafficking, or weapons. They slide the truth under your nose and then accuse people of "truthiness," when they smell the BS of fake causes and charities of celebrities.
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by Rosebud1776 September 25, 2017
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