Referring to the deflated breasts of a female who abuses Cocaine. The appearance is generally accepted as unsightly: pickled areola, nipples seemingly sad or otherwise uninterested in being part of the boob, vicious tiger stripes/stretch marks, severe drooping or the appearance of being subjected to mega-gravitational pull.

Upon touch, Cocaine Tits are said to resemble the feel of cheap sandwich baggies half full of water
Him: So, bro. Did you tag that last night?!

His friend: ...Yeah. I ...I tagged it...

Him: Why the long face, bro?

His friend: She had a mean case of Coke tit

Him: God that sucks. I thought she'd have

slammin rack

His friend: I thought that too, until she took off her bra and I witnessed a slow motion waterfall of fail flappers cascade halfway down her stomach.

Him: Fuck...I didn't even know she did coke.

His friend: Oh, dude. You don't remember Herald's party?

Him: Well I mean...does ANYONE remember that party? It was fucki-

His friend: She sucked 4, count em, 4 black dudes off in the bathroom for a bump of shitty ghetto powder that was stepped on so fucking hard that the only thing that looks more stepped on is her listless, shapeless Cocaine Tits.

Him: That's straight fucked, bro.

His friend: Straight fucked.
by Federal Expression October 22, 2011