Aardvark123127987 should not put his coat here, because he might pee on it.
"What is this?" Aardvark did not know about urinal coat racks until he was enlightened.
by bustedgroudon October 25, 2018
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Caused by splash-back from diarrhea or loose bowel movements or inferior wiping by the male of the species.

Causes a coating of the underside of the balls with shit.
Tim: What's with Mike. Tina won't give him head anymore and he's cranky.

Bill: Well I heard he has a shit coat and she gags and pukes whenever she goes down on him from the smell of ass.
by PrinceGumby March 01, 2011
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It's the mess that happens when you have a lose bowel movement or diarrhea and the shit splashes back and covers the underside of your balls.
Jamie: Man, your girlfriend won't blow you anymore
Andy: I know. I got this nasty shit coat and she gags when she goes down on me.
by Koprky February 20, 2011
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The God of Coats that enjoys playing games. and can wear 9 coats in the summer. this person is awesome.
by The Coat God January 28, 2015
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