A Coal Mine is an insult from a friend or family member that uses an embarassing or deep secret of your's to hurt or embarass you. Usually used in a large crowd (where it has more exposure to others.) or to use against you.
1. Bill doesn't have a girlfriend anymore because his brother Coal Mined him in front of her.
2. "Hey Bob, get me a drink."
"Why should I?"
"Hmm... Perhaps you've told me something I can Coal Mine you with."
by Buffalo Puppy July 25, 2009
The act of consuming alcohol at a drinking establishment during day time hours, or immediately after a work day, usually in solidarity or a small group. Conversation is nonexistent or light, and the participant(s) need to appear preoccupied in thought, typically staring into the bar top.
Jeremy has been coal mining since he got off work at five.
by thedrunkardsmind February 7, 2016
The act of a white girl trying to pick up a black guy.
"I'm no longer interested in Stacy after I saw her Coal Mining at the club last night."
by dudehata12 April 13, 2010
the action of working your penis around in circular motions in a rectum to get feces on it
Paris Hilton - What are you doin back there?
Jay Leno - Coal mining bitch so shut up.
by dylan w March 20, 2008
Doing her in the anus...with a hard hat on (condom)
I really didnt want to get her pregnant, so I just went coal mining.
by mr. boo jingles June 11, 2009
Euphemism for rectum or anus, specifically when referring to anal sex.
I went out with Jill last weekend and I stuck it in her coal-mine.
by Pook420 April 28, 2009
Where the people who defined school as hell end up
by Ozone May 6, 2004