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An award given to the following kind of players: one who was pleasant to be around, enthusiastic, never misses practices, always willing to learn, overcame a certain fear while playing, etcetera
that girl won the coaches award for basketball.
by Therealestdeal June 23, 2015
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Basically the sporting equivalent of the "Teacher's pet". Usually (but not always) awarded to the worst player on the team. Common characteristics of kids that receive this award are a good attitude, courteous & considerate, willing to help pack up, and determination despite obvious physical and technical shortcomings. Sometimes it will also go to the kid with the hottest mom.
I knew Jeff was getting the coaches award! He's always sucking up to Coach Taylor.
by FirmButFair October 01, 2019
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usualy assigned to the worst player on the team to rise him/her own confidence, although most everyone knows tey will never go anymore athletically
coaches award was given to joey, he didnt play all season
by 54twgerhgtwsregrer July 08, 2009
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