The Clown Militia is a loosely organized group of pro-gun activists who, through their ineptitude, are actually working to restrict gun rights and get guns banned. They do things like organizing groups of people to openly carry guns into coffee shops to scare people. They believe this will eventually make people more comfortable around guns, and thus "normalize" the public display of firearms. Instead the police are usually called and the Clown Militia are detained for psychiatric evaluation. It also gets guns banned from those same coffee shops, and the open carry of guns outlawed (the Clown Militia actually accomplished this in California).

The Clown Militia is usually made up of middle-aged video gamers and people who play Dungeons and Dragons or dress up for LARP (Live Action Role Playing). They plan their protests in their mother's basements and on internet chat sites that cater to the gun culture/single men looking for love.

They don't have a standard uniform, but are encouraged to wear camouflage, SWAT gear, or t-shirts with the phrase "MOLON LABE" (Greek for "I take it up the ass"). NRA hats and pins are optional, as even the NRA wants absofuckinglutely nothing to do with these clowns.

Despite their misguided ambitions, the Clown Militia is actually the 2nd Amendment's worst nightmare. There is some speculation that they're actually part of the anti-gun movement working to make gun owners look crazy and dangerous, but proof has been elusive.
Person 1: I was at the mall today and there were a bunch of people with guns getting kicked out of the coffee shop!

Person 2: That's weird. Were they cops or something?

Person 1: No, actually they looked like they just got out of a comic book convention or something.

Person 2: Oh, that's probably the Clown Militia then. They're just crazy people with guns.

Person 1: Ah, that makes sense.
by jmb1911 November 1, 2013
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