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A white chick that may possess a hidden sexual fascination and infatuation with black men. Typically this type of female may be outspoken with her dislike of blacks in the presence of friends, and may act overtly racist, but her actions indicate otherwise.
Debbie acts like she is a true racist sometimes. I've been with her when she is watching tv and sees blacks on the tube, and she shouts out 'niggers!' But at the same time, she appears to be immersed in black culture. She loves rap/hip-hop which can be as ghetto as it gets! As well as other black music. On her Facebook site, all of her 'likes' are black athletes. And she likes to hang out in dance clubs that are frequented by blacks! And I've seen her get pretty flirty with black men as well at these clubs!

I think Debbie is a Closet Mudshark when it comes down to it!
by keen observer1 March 08, 2011
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