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A dinky town in northern California that dares to call itself a city. Half the residents have lost half their teeth, and many of those are tweekers of some sort. The high school isn't even in the same town, and the sports teams except the fantabulous girls' basketball team are losers. The city has NOTHING. There is no waterpark. There is no amusement park. There is one movie theater that gets its flix a month later. It is in the middle of NO DAMN WHERE and driving 25 miles to the big city of the county, where things actually happen, is considered having to drive a looong way. Clearlake is ridiculously far from San Francisco. It's exactly the place you can not wait to leave.
Yup. This here's Clearlake, California fer ya. Don't go in that there lake either. It ain't clear.
by miss amazingness February 24, 2011
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