To fill the toilet or other body of water with unidentifiable remnants such as diarrhea or vomit.
After the late night drunk food Todd was ready to chum the water.
by Dog Leg June 2, 2009
The beginning of a woman's period, where she begins "spotting."
Girl 1: Oww, I'm starting to get cramps.
Girl 2: Uh oh, you starting your period?
Girl 1: Yeah, do you have a tampon? It looks like I'm chumming the water. Shark week starts real soon!
by Chris Raven Jr. July 28, 2009
When making a drink for a lady. Place your penis in the drink as a way to activate all of her hormones. Serve drink.
I put my dick in the punch bowl. I will get laid tonight because i chum the water. #chumthewater #getlaid
by sowellborn August 11, 2013
1:verb, to cum into a toilet
2:verb, to prepare a kitchen or house for a fat person
1: dude im so bored

me too

im gunna go chum the water

2: steve is coming over tomorrow

wow dude better chum the water
by sexy offender6969 August 27, 2011
When a woman takes a bath and sucks up water into her vagina. She then queefs it out thus creating a white cloud of leftover cum in the bathwater.
Sara was takeing a nice hot bath the other day when she decided to chum in the water.
by RedSeraph April 13, 2009
To have a bowel movement in a large body of water eg- swimming pool
“Let’s go home Damo, too many children in this swimming pool

“Don’t worry mate, I’ll chum the waters, that’ll clear ‘em out” -Damo, Citizen of the Year
by Tidal Trickster July 1, 2022