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"Did you eat yet?"
Typically spoken in Central and Southern California; it's when you would ask your sibling, friend or relative that if they had any food yet.

The origins can be traced down to Southern English of late civil war (Carolinas, Georgians, North Floridians) and mixed with the Spanish of Southern California regional dialects.

During the period of pre and post - civil war era. The beginning of T's would occasionally turn from "Tyoo" as in the British English, than into "Chyoo" when America began creating it's own dialects, some say it derives from creol.

Some scholars also brought to light letters from whites during the period of civil war, when semi - literate and illiterate whites were writing how they said words, when to say specific words and how they said it, Chuesday being one of them.

In the Spanish dialects of Southern and Central California, many of words are mixed with English as well, creating a sort of "Spanglish" dialect in its own right.

The origins of Spanish from Southern California would consider their own dialect as "The Chicano" accent/dialect.
Hey homie, chu eet yet?
Yo, chu eet yet?
Hey man chu eet yet? Let's go get some grub.
by Gravandire December 14, 2015
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