egg nog
Christmas trees
manger scenes
Santa Clause
sleigh rides
jingle bells
Frosty the Snowman
crowds at the mall
maxxing out your credit card
store sales

What does all this secular, capitalist crap have to do with the birth of a religous leader in Bethlehem?
Christmas is just another one of those religous holidays who's spiritual meaning and icons have been replaced by the toy companies and retailers. It shows you the extreme sinfull nature of the human heart, to replace anything that has to do with God and spiritual matters.
by krock1dk November 18, 2007
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Once a definition for a sacred holiday celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. Now a modern slang term for capitalists raping your wallet while you waste all of your money on people you hate.
Once again Christmas has left my wallet and desire for sex with a woman in an elf suit empty.
by DJ December 24, 2003
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December 25, the day Jesus Christ's birth is celebrated. It is most likely not Christ's actual date of birth, but was probably chosen to supplant a pagan Roman holiday of the same date when the Roman Empire under Constantine converted to Christianity. This definition is way too wordy for this site.
Man, this Christmas shindig beats out Sacrificing Some More Goats To Jupiter Day hands down!
by FaceofEvil6 January 09, 2004
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A holiday which is used by self-declared enlightened 13 year olds where they make themselves look smart by hating it.
Oh darn! It's Christmas. I hate Christmas, I'd rather sit and moan in my room complaining about how awful I think my life is.
by pseudonym April 01, 2004
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It's the best time of the year...
I don't know if there will be snow, but have a cup of cheer!
by fo my pizz da playa December 26, 2003
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Being slowly eased out of the place you live by being made unemployable by a malicious rumour campaign, hense being on a permanent Christmas holiday
"I am fed up of this guy"

"You want to make it Christmas for him ?"
by guestguestguestguest4 November 21, 2012
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A debased Christian festive day, an over-commercialized time of quiet desperation, but a time of supposed good-will to our fellow man. 'Cause being kind once a year is better than never at all.
"Can I give money to the Sally-Ann,Mum" "Yes, dear, after all it's Christmas." "Let's give to the Foodbank, after all, it's Christmas" "Should we invite poor lonely Kevin?" "Sure, it's only once a year."
by Canuckkitty August 20, 2005
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